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VOIP works with almost  all Broa
VOIP works with almost
 all Broadband Connections

Your local phone company want you to feel as through they are your only solution.  They have been around for decades.  Well, over the last 10 years, laws have changed.  Now you can get inexpensive service and save hundreds of dollars a year, some even save hundreds a month.  New phone service providers, use the same phone lines you use today, only they can compete with your local carrier and charge much less for service.  Some services are all inclusive, others charge as low as 1.9 cents/minute for connecting a call.

Check out the domestic services that could replace your local phone company, or at least save you money with calls placed from the US to other US locations.  If you place international call, be sure to check the International calculator.  If you already have a broadband service to your home or business, review VOIP services for your best savings.

VOIP is the wave of the future.  Most cable companies offer you phone service.  This service is simply a marked up VOIP service.  Find out what they pay with the VOIP calculator.  This service is location independent since they are based upon your broadband provider.  DSL or greater service is recommended.

These calculator provides you anonymously your options and savings.  Get our your latest phone bill and compare it to the results you will see once you request your RESULTS.  Then decide if you want to take the monthly savings.