1MPLS Service

Connecting two or more Business Offices together?  MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) might be your best option.

2T1 Line

A basic business circuit. Can be used for Data or Voice depending upon the service provider.

3Business DSL

The DSL circuit is good for a small business where the connection is not critical to business function.

Broadband Fixed Wireless Service

Fixed wireless is a new entry to rival Business DSL & T1 service in areas covered by 3G and 2.5G Cell Towers.  Fast installation (As quick as 3 Days) and inexpensive service with speed of up to that of a T1 circuit.  This is an ideal solution for Retailers who can't get a good high-speed connection to their business in your area.  This service is VISA and PCI certified so it can be used for secure credit card transactions.
  • Same as a T-1 but run off of the Cell Tower 3G internet network.
  • Not Wifi nor satellite. Latency (transmission delays and packet loss) is not a problem with this circuit.
  • Totally secure, totally managed router and network
  • Only Carrier and circuit that is VISA and PCI certified for secure credit card transactions-PERFECT FOR RETAILERS WHO CAN'T GET A GOOD CONNECTION
  • Simple installation where the customer is walked through setup by an engineer accessed through an 800 #
  • Installs within 3 days after company receives the contract (BIG benefit)
  • Can be used as backup to customer's primary T-1
  • Competitive pricing less expensive than a T1 circuit upwards to 75% savings
  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Will work anywhere there is a cell tower with the 3G network installed (metro and some rural areas)

Check the map below to see if Fixed Wireless is available in your area.  Use the main form to check for Fixed Wireless in your area. You will get an instant quote for your requested Fixed Wireless Internet services. 

Fixed Wireless Download/Upload Speeds
Fixed Wireless Speed 3.5G, 3G, 2.5G Upload/Download


National Coverage area
for Fixed Wireless Service

Fixed Wireless coverage area 3G, 2.5G


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